6″ Double Vise Converter

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Converts your standard 6-inch vise into a double vise. “Made in the USA” from High-Grade Stainless-steel materials.

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    Amazing product!! highly recommended!!

    When I first saw the double vise convertor I knew it would be a game changer and I was immediately obsessed! I was a bit worried that I would buy it and never use it, I was also a bit intimidated on how the assembly worked, but once i used it I realized this is amazing!! I’m so happy I got it, I’m definitely going to be ordering one for every Cnc machine we have. Imagine a 1/2hr cycle time that produced 4pcs complete has now turned into a 45min cycle time that produced 8pcs complete. Time is money, believe me you won’t regret it!! Thank you so much S&R for making this product available for purchase, truly grateful.

    January 20, 2022

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